1804 Drogheda Militiamen


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Detail from memorial in the Parish Church, Collon:

 'In Memory of Captain John Rickaby, Late Adjutant to the Louth Regiment of Militia ...  He died on the 14th June 1820, in the 52nd year of his age.

This tribute to his departed worth is placed by those who felt its influence while serving as his Brother Officers.'

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(Drogheda Parishes)





The Irish Militia was set up in 1793 as an official government army, each county having its own battalions or regiments. The Proclamation calling for a militia to be set up in Louth and Drogheda was issued on the 30th April 1793 (See left, taken from Freeman's Journal, 23 April 1793). As a separate county, Drogheda had its own militia, 'The Drogheda Militia', consisting of two battalions, until 1797. By that point, it was such a financial drain on the relatively small number of local inhabitants that a special act was passed in Parliament allowing it to be incorporated into the Louth Militia. In consequence, the Louth Militia now had eight battalions and could call itself a Regiment.


The Relief Act of 1793 had done away with practically all the restrictions placed on Catholics under the Penal Laws (which, in any case, had long since fallen into disuse) and for the first time Catholics were officially allowed to join the militia, and to bear arms.


The militia battalions were manned by way of parish ballot. Each parish had to elect a number of able-bodied men to join the militia, this number depending on the size of the parish. The parish also had to pay for the upkeep of any militiamen from their parish. While many men volunteered to join the militia, many others were less that happy at the prospect and the ballot was extremely unpopular. For men who were balloted to join, there was a way out, namely, by procuring a substitute to take his place and paying a bounty of £10.


The following list from three Drogheda parishes gives the names, in alphabetical order, of the men balloted to join the militia in 1804, and, in many cases, the name of the substitute. The list following gives the names of the substitutes and the balloted men.


This list is taken from the Foster Papers in the Public Records Office Northern Ireland (Ref: PRONI P562/362).













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Drogheda Parishes


St. Peterís, St. Maryís & Ballymakenny


A Return of Ballotted Men

[circa 1804]




Ballotted Manís Name, Substitute, Those who Paid £10, Parish, Note


Akin Philip, Boylan John, -, St. Peter's

Apleyard James, Read Pat, -, St. Peter's

Archbold Edw, -, £10, St. Peter's

Aungier Lauce, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Peter's

Ball George, -, £10, St. Mary's

Barron Pat, McGuirk John, -, St. Mary's

Barron Pat, -, £10, St. Mary's

Bellew Christr, -, -, St. Peter's, Serving in Prison

Berrill Christr, Quigly Pat, -, St. Peter's

Bird James, -, £10, St. Peter's

Bird Michl, -, £10, St. Peter's

Blundle John, -, £10, St. Peter's

Bourne Wm, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Peter's

Boylan Thos, -, £10, St. Peter's

Boylan Thos, Smith Andw, -, St. Mary's

Brodigan Frans, Doolan John, -, St. Peter's

Brown Joseph, -, -, St. Peter's, Serving in Prison

Bunting Anthony, Foster Pat, -, St. Peter's

Burne Andw, -, £10, St. Mary's

Burne Charles, Duffy John, -, St. Peter's

Burne John, -, £10, St. Peter's

Burne John, -, -, St. Peter's, Serving in Prison

Burne Pat, -, £10, St. Mary's

Caffery John, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Mary's

Caldwell John, -, £10, St. Peter's

Campbell James, -, £10, St. Peter's

Campbell Pat, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Peter's

Carney John, Hanlon Hugh, -, St. Peter's

Carolan James, -, £10, St. Peter's

Carr James, Corrigan Andrew, -, St. Peter's

Carragher John, -, -, St. Mary's, Serving in Prison

Carroll Bryan, -, £10, St. Peter's

Carroll Christr, -, £10, St. Peter's

Carroll John, Kilkawly James, -, St. Peter's

Carton Nat, Bellew Joseph, -, St. Peter's

Carty Thos, -, £10, St. Mary's

Chadwick John, -, £10, St. Peter's

Chambers John, -, -, St. Peter's, Serving in Prison

Charles Campbell, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Peter's

Chester Henry, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Peter's

Clifford James, Conlan Pat, -, St. Mary's

Coleman Thos, Dillen Edward, -, St. Peter's

Condra George, -, -, St. Mary's, Serving in Prison

Connolly John, Connolly James, -, St. Mary's

Connolly Pat, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Mary's

Conyingham John, -, £10, St. Peter's

Core Peter, McKenna Charles, -, St. Peter's

Corrigan John, Evers? Joseph, -, St. Peter's

Cunningham Luke, Murphy Mathew, -, St. Peter's

Daley Pat, -, £10, St. Peter's

Delahoyde George, Butler John, -, St. Peter's

Dolahan Thos, McKenna Pat, -, St. Mary's

Donagh John, -, -, St. Peter's, Serving in Prison

Donnelly -, -, £10, St. Peter's

Donnelly James, -, £10, St. Peter's

Donnelly Pat, Smith John, -, St. Peter's

Doonegan Pat, Dowd Michael, -, St. Peter's

Dornin Thos, -, -, St. Mary's, Serving in Prison

Dowd George, Doolan Pat, -, St. Peter's

Dowdall John, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Mary's

Duffy Francis, McEnally Francis, -, St. Peter's

Duffy John, -, £10, St. Peter's

Duffy Pat, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Mary's

Duffy Thos, Dunning Joseph, -, St. Peter's

Ebbott Nichs, -, £10, Ballymakenny

Elliott Wm, -, £10, St. Peter's

Ennis Mathw, Morgan Joseph, -, St. Peter's

Eustace Robt, Faulkner Thos, -, St. Peter's

Farrell James, McNally -, -, St. Mary's

Farrell Michl, Levins Pat, -, St. Peter's

Fee John, Burke James, -, St. Peter's

Finegan James, -, £10, St. Peter's

Finegan Thos, -, £10, St. Peter's

Finegan Wm, Finnegan Edward, -, St. Peter's

Fleming Thos, -, -, St. Peter's, Serving in Prison

Fogarty? J.?, Ewing Henry, -, St. Peter's

Fullam John, Reilly John, -, St. Peter's

Garvey Thos, Wolfe Abraham, -, St. Peter's

Garvey Wm, Brennan Pat, -, St. Peter's

Gernon James, -, £10, St. Peter's

Hanlon Edwd, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Peter's

Hanlon Owen, Morgan Pat, -, St. Peter's

Hardman J.B., Conroy Charles, -, St. Peter's

Hardman Richd, McArdel Lauce, -, St. Peter's

Harrington Nichs, -, -, St. Peter's, Serving in Prison

Hart John, -, £10, St. Peter's

Healy James, -, £10, St. Peter's

Healy Pat, Substitute Not Known, -, Ballymakenny

Heany Pat, -, -, St. Mary's, Serving in Prison

Hoey Peter, -, £10, St. Peter's

Hughes James, Galeagher Michael, -, St. Peter's

Johnston James, Page Robt, -, St. Mary's

Johnston John, Kevit Pat, -, St. Peter's

Jones James, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Mary's

Jones Launt, -, £10, St. Peter's

Jones Thos, Regan -, -, St. Mary's

Kean John, -, £10, St. Peter's

Kenny Owen, -, £10, St. Peter's

Kerly Michl, -, £10, St. Peter's

Kirwan George, McTavy A., -, St. Peter's

Lawless Peter, -, £10, St. Peter's

Ledwich Pat, -, £10, St. Peter's

Long Michl, Carroll Edw, -, St. Peter's

Lowry James, Boyde Wm, -, St. Peter's

Lynn Pat, -, £10, Ballymakenny

Maginis Pat, -, £10, St. Peter's

Maginn Charles, Rogers Hugh, -, St. Peter's

Maginn Hugh, Rogers Hugh, -, St. Peter's

Magragh Edw, -, £10, St. Peter's

Mallon Richd, -, £10, St. Peter's

Markey Thos, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Mary's

Marley John, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Mary's

Marmion James, Magee Francis, -, St. Peter's

Marron Henry, -, £10, St. Peter's

Martin Pat, Martin Robt, -, St. Mary's

Martin Robt, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Peter's

McCullagh Bernard, Burne John, -, St. Mary's

McCullin Pat, -, £10, St. Peter's

McDaniel James, Murtagh Andw, -, St. Mary's

McDonald James, Reilly Bernard, -, St. Peter's

McElroy Edw, -, £10, St. Peter's

McEvoy Peter, McKenna Wm, -, St. Peter's

McGlue Lauce, -, £10, St. Mary's

McKenna Frans, -, £10, St. Peter's

McKenna Pat, -, £10, St. Mary's

McLoughlin George, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Peter's

McLoughlin Pat, -, £10, St. Peter's

McMahon Thos, Mooney Edw, -, St. Peter's

Merriman Pat, -, -, St. Mary's, Serving in Prison

Moony John, Substitute Not Known, -, Ballymakenny

Moony Pat, -, £10, St. Peter's

Moore -, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Peter's

Moore Robt, Mcnamara Michl, -, St. Peter's

Moore Saml, Lawlor Wm, -, St. Peter's

Moore Thos, -, £10, St. Peter's

Moore Wm, Powderly Michl, -, St. Peter's

Mullan -, McMahon John, -, St. Mary's

Mullan Denis, Waters Pat, -, St. Peter's

Mullan Pat, -, £10, St. Peter's

Murphy Andw, McCormick Peter, -, St. Mary's

Nugent Pat, McAlinen John, -, St. Mary's

Nugent Pat, -, -, St. Mary's, Serving in Prison

O'Bryan Thos, -, £10, St. Peter's

O'Bryan Thos, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Mary's

O'Farrell John, -, £10, St. Peter's

Plunket Barthw, - Henry, -, St. Peter's

Plunket John, Brown -, -, St. Peter's

Pollock Hugh, Traynor John, -, St. Peter's

Powderly James, Roarke John, -, St. Peter's

Quigly Michl, Redon Charles, -, St. Mary's

Read Pat, McAtier Pat, -, Ballymakenny

Read Thos, Magenis Pat, -, Ballymakenny

Reilly Christr, -, £10, St. Mary's

Reilly John, Magrane Pat, -, St. Peter's

Reilly John, Magennis Nicholas, -, St. Peter's

Reilly Lauce, -, £10, St. Peter's

Reilly Pat, Dooling Pat, -, St. Peter's

Reilly Pat, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Peter's

Reilly Phil, -, £10, St. Peter's

Reilly Thos, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Mary's

Roache John, -, £10, Ballymakenny

Roche Pat, -, £10, St. Peter's

Ross Hugh, McManus William, -, St. Mary's

Rourk Thos, Walsh Joseph, -, St. Peter's

Russell George, Keith John, -, St. Peter's

Russell Peter, Keenan Henry, -, St. Peter's

Ryan John, -, £10, St. Peter's

Sampson John, -, £10, St. Mary's

Sawran Wm, -, £10, St. Peter's

Seaver John, -, £10, St. Peter's

Shaw Anthony, Courtney Evers?, -, St. Peter's

Sherlock Robt, -, £10, St. Peter's

Skelly John, -, £10, St. Peter's

Skelly John, -, £10, St. Mary's

Skelly Robt, -, £10, St. Peter's

Skelton James, McKenna Michael, -, St. Peter's

Smith Denis, -, £10, St. Mary's

Smith John, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Mary's

Smith Lauce, -, £10, St. Peter's

Smith Pat, Connell Thos, -, St. Mary's

Smyth John, -, £10, St. Peter's

Stanley James, Murry Pat, -, St. Peter's

Tarnay? Pat, -, £10, St. Peter's

Terney Pat, -, £10, St. Peter's

Wade John, Levins -, -, St. Mary's

Wade Pat, Fox Terence, -, St. Mary's

Wall Barthw, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Peter's

Wall John, Wilson John, -, St. Peter's

Wall Philip, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Mary's

Waltrin John, Substitute Not Known, -, St. Peter's

White John, -, £10, St. Mary's

Williamson Roger, Wilson Alexander, -, St. Peter's

Wiseman Andw, Russell Francis, -, St. Peter's

Woods Terence, -, -, St. Peter's, Serving in Prison

Yeats Michl, -, £10, St. Mary's


St. Peterís Parish -         139

St. Maryís Parish -           49

Parish of Ballymakenny -    7


                                     195     the establishment


Substitutes, Ballotted Men, Parish


Bellew Joseph, Carton Nat, St. Peter's

Boyde Wm, Lowry James, St. Peter's

Boylan John, Akin Philip, St. Peter's

Brennan Pat, Garvey Wm, St. Peter's

Brown -, Plunket John, St. Peter's

Burke James, Fee John, St. Peter's

Burne John, McCullagh Bernard, St. Mary's

Butler John, Delahoyde George, St. Peter's

Carroll Edw, Long Michl, St. Peter's

Conlan Pat, Clifford James, St. Mary's

Connell Thos, Smith Pat, St. Mary's

Connolly James, Connolly John, St. Mary's

Conroy Charles, Hardman J.B., St. Peter's

Corrigan Andrew, Carr James, St. Peter's

Courtney Evers?, Shaw Anthony, St. Peter's

Dillen Edward, Coleman Thos, St. Peter's

Doolan John, Brodigan Frans, St. Peter's

Doolan Pat, Dowd George, St. Peter's

Dooling Pat, Reilly Pat, St. Peter's

Dowd Michael, Doonegan Pat, St. Peter's

Duffy John, Burne Charles, St. Peter's

Dunning Joseph, Duffy Thos, St. Peter's

Evers? Joseph, Corrigan John, St. Peter's

Ewing Henry, Fogarty? J.?, St. Peter's

Faulkner Thos, Eustace Robt, St. Peter's

Finnegan Edward, Finegan Wm, St. Peter's

Foster Pat, Bunting Anthony, St. Peter's

Fox Terence, Wade Pat, St. Mary's

Galeagher Michael, Hughes James, St. Peter's

Hanlon Hugh, Carney John, St. Peter's

- Henry, Plunket Barthw, St. Peter's

Keenan Henry, Russell Peter, St. Peter's

Keith John, Russell George, St. Peter's

Kevit Pat, Johnston John, St. Peter's

Kilkawly James, Carroll John, St. Peter's

Lawlor Wm, Moore Saml, St. Peter's

Levins -, Wade John, St. Mary's

Levins Pat, Farrell Michl, St. Peter's

Magee Francis, Marmion James, St. Peter's

Magenis Pat, Read Thos, Ballymakenny

Magennis Nicholas, Reilly John, St. Peter's

Magrane Pat, Reilly John, St. Peter's

Martin Robt, Martin Pat, St. Mary's

McAlinen John, Nugent Pat, St. Mary's

McArdel Lauce, Hardman Richd, St. Peter's

McAtier Pat, Read Pat, Ballymakenny

McCormick Peter, Murphy Andw, St. Mary's

McEnally Francis, Duffy Francis, St. Peter's

McGuirk John, Barron Pat, St. Mary's

McKenna Charles, Core Peter, St. Peter's

McKenna Michael, Skelton James, St. Peter's

McKenna Pat, Dolahan Thos, St. Mary's

McKenna Wm, McEvoy Peter, St. Peter's

McMahon John, Mullan -, St. Mary's

McManus William, Ross Hugh, St. Mary's

McNally -, Farrell James, St. Mary's

McNamara Michl, Moore Robt, St. Peter's

McTavy A., Kirwan George, St. Peter's

Mooney Edw, McMahon Thos, St. Peter's

Morgan Joseph, Ennis Mathw, St. Peter's

Morgan Pat, Hanlon Owen, St. Peter's

Murphy Mathew, Cunningham Luke, St. Peter's

Murry Pat, Stanley James, St. Peter's

Murtagh Andw, McDaniel James, St. Mary's

Page Robt, Johnston James, St. Mary's

Powderly Michl, Moore Wm, St. Peter's

Quigly Pat, Berrill Christr, St. Peter's

Read Pat, Apleyard James, St. Peter's

Redon Charles, Quigly Michl, St. Mary's

Regan -, Jones Thos, St. Mary's

Reilly Bernard, McDonald James, St. Peter's

Reilly John, Fullam John, St. Peter's

Roarke John, Powderly James, St. Peter's

Rogers Hugh, Maginn Charles, St. Peter's

Rogers Hugh, Maginn Hugh, St. Peter's

Russell Francis, Wiseman Andw, St. Peter's

Smith Andw, Boylan Thos, St. Mary's

Smith John, Donnelly Pat, St. Peter's




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Louth Militia


Enlisted Recruits




Return of the Parish, Townland and Subdivision for which each Recruit Inlisted for the Augmentation of the Louth Regiment has been sent down


Name, Parish


Adair Thomas, -, Louth, c.1806

Argue John, Mullery, Louth, c.1806

Barry James, St. Peter's, Drogheda, Louth, c.1806

Burns Edward, -, Louth, c.1806

Campbell James, -, Louth, c.1806

Campbell Robert, -, Louth, c.1806

Carroll Anthony, Dundalk, Louth, c.1806

Cassedy Bernard, -, Louth, c.1806

Cassidy Peter, -, Louth, c.1806

Conley Pat, Tullyallen, Louth, c.1806

Cook Michael, Ballymascanlon, Louth, c.1806

Crawford Jeremiah, Dundalk, Louth, c.1806

Cunningham Peter, -, Louth, c.1806

Cunningham Robert, Carlingford, Louth, c.1806

Dawson Thomas, -, Louth, c.1806

Dougherty John, Dundalk, Louth, c.1806

Douglass William, -, Louth, c.1806

Dunegan Felix, -, Louth, c.1806

Evans Neal, Louth, Louth, c.1806

Faulkner Henry, Carlingford, Louth, c.1806

Fearan Neal, -, Louth, c.1806

Finigan Pat, -, Louth, c.1806

Fisher Hugh, Collon, Louth, c.1806

Fitzsimons James, -, Louth, c.1806

Frane James, -, Louth, c.1806

Gillelan John, Ballymascanlon, Louth, c.1806

Gillespie James, Carlingford, Louth, c.1806

Graham Owen, -, Louth, c.1806

Haley Thomas, -, Louth, c.1806

Hanigan Thomas, Carlingford, Louth, c.1806

Henderson Thomas, -, Louth, c.1806

Heuston John, -, Louth, c.1806

Johnston John, -, Louth, c.1806

Kelly Andrew, -, Louth, c.1806

Kilpatrick William, -, Louth, c.1806

Kindelan Thomas, Clonkeen, Louth, c.1806

King John, Louth, Louth, c.1806

Lynch Laurence, -, Louth, c.1806

Maguire Michael, -, Louth, c.1806

Martin Mathew, Dunleer, Louth, c.1806

McBride Thomas, -, Louth, c.1806

McCabe James, -, Louth, c.1806

McCabe Ross, Darver, Louth, c.1806

McClaskey Thomas, -, Louth, c.1806

McCluskey Thomas, -, Louth, c.1806

McConnin John, -, Louth, c.1806

McConnin Mathew, -, Louth, c.1806

McEnulty James, Louth, Louth, c.1806

McEvoy Thomas Junr, Dundalk, Louth, c.1806

McGinn Patt, Carlingford, Louth, c.1806

McGuirk Edward, -, Louth, c.1806

McIvoy Thomas Junr., St. Peter's, Drogheda, Louth, c.1806

McKenna Thomas, Dundalk, Louth, c.1806

Miller John, -, Louth, c.1806

Morriss Charles, -, Louth, c.1806

Murphy Anthony, -, Louth, c.1806

Murphy Charles, -, Louth, c.1806

Murphy Pat, -, Louth, c.1806

Pentony Laurence, -, Louth, c.1806

Reynolds Edward, Drumiskin, Louth, c.1806

Rice John, -, Louth, c.1806

Richardson Christr., -, Louth, c.1806

Rush Daniel, Ballymascanlon, Louth, c.1806

Ruxton Mathew, Louth, Louth, c.1806

Shevlin John, Cappoge, Louth, c.1806

Tally John, -, Louth, c.1806

Thomas James, Ballymascanlon, Louth, c.1806

White Samuel, -, Louth, c.1806

Williamson John, -, Louth, c.1806



Foster Papers, Public Records Office Northern Ireland

Reference: [MIC 511] [0207/11/10c]


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A Correct list of the Officers of the Regiments of Militia in Ireland (1808)


Louth Co. (or 5th) Reg.






Hon. T.H. Foster

25 Apr 1793

Lt. Colonels

Alexander Filgate

20 May 1801


Chichester Fortescue

01 Feb 1806


William Fairtclough

01 Feb 1806


William Cheshire

06 Oct 1799


Anthony Brabazon

06 Apr 1799


Edward Hardman

07 Apr 1800


Charles Adams

11 Feb 1801


James Poe

15 Jan 1804


G.S. Eccleston

26 May 1804


L.B. Hamlin

01 Feb 1806


William Cudworth

06 Aug 1807


Charles Eastwood

14 Sep 1807


H.L. Thompson

06 Oct 1807


Charles Hamilton

12 Nov 1799


James Garstin

06 Apr 1800


Thomas Phepoe

03 Feb 1804


Joseph Daunt

07 Apr 1804


Benjamin Sankey

02 Jun 1804


E.R. Fairtclough

01 Feb 1806


Robert Ball

14 Apr 1806


Richard Waite

14 Apr 1806


William Hamilton

14 Apr 1806


Brabazon Sheils

14 Apr 1806


G.W. McEntaggart

14 Apr 1806


Robert Lindsay

14 Apr 1806


Richard Filgate

27 May 1806


George W. Evans

05 Feb 1807


John Dardis

05 Feb 1807


William Rodgers

18 Jun 1807


Crawford Sloane

17 Aug 1807


John Graham

14 Sep 1807


Brabazon Morrice

14 Sep 1807


John Heatley

06 Oct 1807


John Hawkshaw

27 May 1806


G.T. Benson

03 Dec 1806


George Hinzill

05 Feb 1807


William Grattan

05 Feb 1807


F.W. Hopkins

17 Aug 1807


Hugh Dias

06 Oct 1807


Leonard Crookes

14 Sep 1807


Leon. Crookes

06 Aug 1798


John Rickaby

05 Apr 1805


William Hamilton

27 Jul 1803


George Murphy

27 Jun 1794

Asst. Surgeon

Archibald Mitchell

07 Jun 1806


Armitage & Borough






 Transcribed from "John Watson Stewart's Almanack" in The Treble Almanack MDCCCVIII (page 99), National Library of Ireland


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Some Laws Relating to the Recruitment of Militiamen


From 49 George III Cap CXX: An Act for the amending and reducing into One Act of Parliament the several Laws for raising and training the Militia of Ireland [19th June 1809]



Annual Returns of Lists to Privy Council

XCVIII. And be it further enacted, That the Custos Rorulorum, or Senior Governor in case of the Absence of the Custos Rotulorum, of every County, shall and he is hereby required to transmit to His Majesty's Privy Council annually, as soon after the Returns of Men shall have been made to the General Meetings as the same cane be done, an Account in Writing of the true State of the Number of Persons fit and liable to serve in the Militia for such County, in the Form of Schedule (B.) to this Act annexed.


General Meeting for apportioning Numbers on Parishes

XCIX. And be it further enacted, That a General Meeting of the Governors and Deputy Governors of every County respectively, shall be summoned by the Clerk of the General Meetings immediately on his receiving such Certificates or any of them, to be held within Seven Days thereafter, and not sooner than Four Days, for the Purpose of Apportioning the Number of Militia Men to be raised on the several Subdivisions, Parishes, or Places; and the Persons who shall preside as such General of other Meeting, shall appoint what Number of Men shall be the quota or Proportion for each Parish or Place to furnish or keep supplied to the Militia of the County, County of a City, or District, apportioning the Whole Number of the Militia, Non-commissioned Officers, and Drummers included, as nearly as can be, to the numbers contained in the certified Lists of each Parish or Place, and the Clerk of such Meeting shall forthwith give Notice thereof to the several Subdivisions, and he shall also give a Copy thereof, signed by himself, to the Clerk of the Peace, to be by him filed and kept among the Records to be held of such County; and such General Meeting shall appoint Meetings to be held in the several Subdivisions for the Purpose of Choosing by Ballot the Number of Persons to be furnished from each Subdivision to the Militia.


Oath of ballotted Militiaman

CIII. And be it further enacted, That every Person so chosen by Ballot who shall so appear at such Meeting, and shall not be excused or provide a Substitute, shall there take the following Oath; that is to say,


"I A.B. do solemnly promise and swear, That I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to His Majesty King George; and I do Swear, that I will Faithfully serve in the Militia of Ireland in the ---- Regiment [or Battalion] during the Term of Five Years, unless I shall be sooner discharged"


Oath of Substitute or Volunteer

And that every Substitute and every Volunteer, and every Man who shall be raised by the Parish Assessment in Manner directed by the Act, who shall so appear at such Meeting, or who may be at any Time enlisted to serve in such Militia, shall take the following Oath; that is to say,


I A.B. do solemnly promise and swear, That I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to His Majesty King George, and I do swear, that I will faithfully serve in the Militia of Ireland in the ----- Regiment [or Battalion] during the Term of Five Years; and also such further Time as the said regiment [or Battalion] shall remain embodied for Service; if at the Expiration of Five Years the said Regiment [or Battalion] shall be so embodied, unless I shall be sooner discharged" Etc.


Providing Substitutes, who shall take the Oath before required

CIV ..... That if any Person so chosen by ballot shall procure and produce for his Substitute a Man able and fit for Service, and who shall be approved by the said Governor or Governors or Deputy Governors, or any three or more of them, such Substitute so produced and approved shall be enrolled to serve in the Militia of such County or City as a private Militia Man for the space of Five Years, and also for such further time as the Militia shall remain embodied .....; and any Person so chosen by Ballot for whom such Substitute or Volunteer shall have been so produced, enrolled, and sworn as aforesaid, shall be exempted from Service in the Militia, in the same Manner as if he himself had served according to the directions of the Act .....


Notice of Quotas and ballots to Subdivisional Clerks

CVIII. And be it further enacted, That as soon as the Number of Men to be raised from each particular Parish or Place shall be ascertained as aforesaid, the Clerk of the General Meetings shall send Notice to every Subdivisional Clerk of the Quota or Proportion of Men which each Parish or Place in his Subdivision is to furnish to the Militia; etc.


Substitutes not appearing shall repay Money received, with Twenty Shillings Penalty

CXVI. And be it further enacted, That if any Person shall receive Money from other Person to serve as a Volunteer or Substitute in the Militia as aforesaid, and shall neglect to appear at the usual Meeting appointed for swearing in Militia Men, or before some Governor or Deputy Governor, in order to be sworn according to the Directions of the Act, every such person so neglecting to appear and be sworn ..... shall be obliged to return the Money to the Person or Persons from whom he received it, and shall also forfeit and pay to such Person or Persons and sum not exceeding Twenty Shillings, at the direction of such Governor .... before whom he shall be so convicted; and if such Offender shall not immediately return the Money so by him received as aforesaid, and likewise pay the said Penalty, he shall be committed to the Common Goal or House of Correction for the Space of Three Months, or until the same Sum shall be paid.


Fixing Price for Substitutes

CXXV. And be it further enacted, That the Governor ... shall, whenever they shall think proper so to do, fix and declare what in their Judgment shall appear to them to be a fair and reasonable Sum to be paid as the average Price of a Substitute or Volunteer in the said Militia; and such Sum so fixed and declared shall be and continue to be the average Price of such Substitutes for such County or City, until the same shall be otherwise ordered at any subsequent Meeting: etc.

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1855 - the first five hundred recruits, click HERE



(JCLAHS: Journal of the Louth Archaeological and Historical Society)





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