1822 County Louth Freeholders


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Louth Freeholders


The 1822 Freeholders List is transcribed from a primary source:


A List of Registered Freeholders of the County of Louth, 1822, Consisting of the Baronies of Ardee, Ferrard, Louth, Upper and Lower Dundalk printed in Dundalk by James Parks.


This list was referenced in the Louth County Reference Library, Roden Place, Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland. Telephone: (042) 9335457


This list contains 2,966 names (excluding those of landlords etc.)


The 1824 Supplementary Freeholders List is transcribed from a primary source:

A List of Registered Freeholders of the County of Louth, 1824 ... and now Presented at Lent Assizes 1825, Consisting of the Baronies of Ferrard, Louth, Upper and Lower Dundalk printed in Dundalk by James Parks in 1825


This list was also referenced in the Louth County Reference Library.


This list contains 127 names (excluding those of landlords etc.)


The following information has been transcribed for both lists:


Name of Freeholder


Place of Abode


Situation of Freehold


Landlord's Name[s]


Place and Date of Registry






Names of Life or Lives, or other Tenure

Freeholders were allowed to vote in local elections. The Relief Act enabling Roman Catholics to enter Parliament and hold higher offices of state (better known as Catholic Emancipation) was passed on 13 April 1829. On the same day an Act raising the county franchises from 40 shillings to 10 pounds freehold was enacted, a 'mischief-bill' in the words of Daniel O'Connell. Therefore the vast majority of people on this list were disenfranchised from 1829.


Freeholders 1822

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Freeholders 1824 (Supplementary List)

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